3rd Annual

Vermont Chicory Week

October 16th-22nd, 2023

Make the world a bitter place!


All Week: *Restaurant Specials and Co-op Sales!* Keep an eye out for sales and specials at all your favorite spots! Scroll down for a full list of participating partners.

10/16 Monday – Wake up with Chicory: Start your day with chicory coffee! Pick up a bag at your local co op or apothecary, or stop into one of our participating cafés for a chicory donut!

10/17 Tuesday – Celebrate with Chicory: Show us your chicory pizzaz! Come down to the Old North End for our third annual Chicory Festival at the ONE Market from 4 – 6pm. Face painting, games, music, taste testings, kid’s coloring session, photo booth/face-in-the-hole (tag us!), and more! You can also pick up our limited edition VTCW tote bag, designed by Tender Warrior Co and locally printed by Pepo Press!

Not in the ONE? Tag us @vermontchicory week and show us how you’re flaunting your chicory pizzaz! Scroll down to print out your own coloring page to color in at home.

10/18 Wednesday – Cook with Chicory: Show us your delicious radicchio dishes! Find recipes or join a cooking class at one of our participating co ops!

10/19 Thursday – Learn with Chicory: Do you know your frisée from your puntarelle? Stay tuned for lots of fun facts about chicory and radicchio, from growing great greens to using bitters for digestive health!

10/20 Friday – Date with Chicory: Grab a pal and head to one of our participating restaurants or bars to enjoy some bitter delights! We’ll also unveil this year’s VT Chicory Week cocktail and mocktail for you to make at home.

10/21 Saturday – Weekend with Chicory: Choose your own adventure! Visit farmstands and farmer’s markets in your area to buy local chicories. Visit the Burlington Farmers Market for a Slow Food tasting, photo booth/face-in-the-hole, and to grab your limited edition VTCW tote bag!

10/22 Sunday –Weekend with Chicory: Have friends over for your very own radicchio dinner! More farmers markets, more coop sales, more restaurant specials, more recipes, share your chicory week photos with us!

Chicory Week Potluck Celebration: Sunday from 4-7pm, hosted by Slow Food VT: get creative with all the chicories you found at market yesterday and bring your dish to share! EVENT RSVP HERE

Want to get involved? email us at vermontchicoryweek@gmail.com !

The W’s:

What is Vermont Chicory Week? VTCW is a celebration of all bitter greens, especially the bitter vegetable family, chicories! Our goal is to increase the production, consumption, and joy of chicories throughout the state of Vermont.

Why? Bitter greens are underloved and delicious. We were inspired to spread knowledge and excitement about the little known vegetable family, and help people learn about the chicory varieties that grow here in Vermont. Chicory Week originated on the west coast and has been the direct inspiration to form our own organizing force in our small state of Vermont.

Where? Throughout the state of Vermont! In previous years, we have been mostly focused on Chittenden County, but we are now excited to be including events all around the state. This year, Slow Food USA is also promoting a nationwide Chicory Week coinciding with VTCW. We someday hope for there to be a strong Northeast Chicory Week coalition.

When? October 16th- 22nd.

Who? You! And, growers, eaters, gardeners, cooks, chefs, restaurants, herbalists, apothecaries, artists, amateurs, foodies, fools, and chicory freaks.

How? Participate in any form. See the list of activities that we’re helping to organize (above), and stay tuned in to what farmers, chefs, herbalists, and chicory freaks near you are doing to see how you can get involved. Do you want to be a part of VTCW? Send us a DM or email if you would like to be included in this year’s list of participants!

VTCW is organized by a small team of growers, farmers, cooks, and vegetable enthusiasts. We hope that you will be inspired to join us in the celebration, and materialize your bitter dreams near you!