Keep your eyes open for daily Chicory Specials at local restaurants!

10/18 Monday – 8 AM– Start your week with chicory coffee – join us Monday morning for a IG Live cup of Chicory Coffee or join IRL at the Burlington Fishing Pier by the Moran Plant! Bring your own coffee making equipment and we provide the chicory coffee materials!

10/18 Monday 6:30-8:00 PM – Chicory Week: Growers Roundtable. Join a conversation about growing chicories with experienced commercial growers. Come with questions! Presenters include Danielle Allen of Root 5 Farm in Fairlee, VT, Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox from Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA, and Daniel Yoder from Johnny’s Seeds in Maine. Hosted by Hilary Martin of Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm in Burlington, VT.

Watch the recording

10/19 Tuesday – Taste Vermont Chicory! Join us at one of the best farmer’s markets in Chittenden County, the one and only Old North End Farmers Market– located in the triangle park across from the Integrated Arts Academy at 6 Archibald St. Swing by 3:30 – 5pm for free samples and cooking tips on our beloved vegetable variety. This will also be an opportunity to purchase our limited screen printed 2021 Chicory Week Tote Bag.

10/20 WednesdayLive Stream! City Market Chicory Week Class
Join local cookbook author and food writer Melissa Pasanen to learn how to cook with these beautiful bitter greens. She’ll demo and discuss a variety of dishes incorporating radicchio, escarole, and more, from main courses to side salads. This class will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform, and instructions for joining the livestream will be sent to participants in advance.
Melissa has worked as a food and agriculture journalist and cookbook author for close to 20 years. She is currently a staff writer for the food and drink section of Vermont’s alt-weekly, Seven Days.

10/21 ThursdayVermont Chicory Week at Railyard Apothecary! Bitter Digestive Class
With their profound effects on digestion and overall well being, bitter herbs are a beloved cornerstone in herbalism. In collaboration with Vermont Chicory Week, join Julia Shaw, herbalist and Railyard Apothecary staff member, for a class on bitter digestive herbs. She will give an overview of bitters and digestive health, herbs that have a bitter quality, and how to easily incorporate these herbs into diet and lifestyle. Railyard will discount chicory root (roasted & raw) as October’s herb of the month, and our dandelion+chicory “herbal coffee” for chicory week.

10/22 Friday – Experience the beautiful world of bitter cocktails with Sam Nellis, Barr Hill Beverage Director. Sam will be sharing a unique and delicious chicory inspired cocktail recipe that participants can enjoy at home. Check out @vermontchicoryweek IG for the signature cocktail of Vermont Chicory Week

10/23 Saturday – Buy chicory at the market and join First ever Burlington FM Chicory day! This will also be an opportunity to purchase our limited screen printed 2021 Chicory Week Tote Bag.

10/24 – Chicory Crawl
Chicory Crawl – gather a group of 3 – 6 friends and caravan to different backyards to sample chicory dishes! Great time to widen your chicory recipes, spend time with friends and end the first inaugural Vermont Chicory Week. Share your event with us by tagging #chicorycrawl #vermontchicoryweek